Learn about how House of Glory is organized and controlled. We are governed by the Word of God and give the Holy Spirit free reign to take control.


The office of the church pastor and assistant pastor(s) of the House of Glory. Pastorate sets and oversees the corporate vision of the church, and ensure that channels exist to make the vision a reality. The pastorate ensures that the church continues to run effectively and smoothly, and that the needs of the people are met spiritually and physically, to the best of the church’s ability.

Board of Trustees

A body of people established per charter of Articles of Incorporation and exist serve and advise on the administrative functions of the church. These matters are stated in the bylaws of the church.

Board of Ministers

These are people that have been called and have separated themselves unto service to God. They consist of ministers, deacons and pastors. They assist the pastor with the spiritual matters and aspects of the church. The ministers are ordained by the Pastor while deacons and pastors are ordained by the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God.


Each department exists to support the day-to-day running of the church and to execute the systems that have been put in place to make House of Glory a place of worship that God desires to dwell in and meet with His people. The departments within House of Glory are overseen by the Coordinator of Departments, who reports directly to the pastor. All department heads report to their coordinator. Learn more

Training & Development

Training & Development is responsible for overseeing training and development activities within the church. This can include internal activities (such as Bible Study) and external activities such as Redeemed Leadership Institute (RLI), School of Disciples (SOD), etc.For every time members attend Sunday School, programs, etc. they are being trained. This department consists of 4 units: Sunday School, Foundation Class, Workers-in-Training, and Children’s Church.


HOG Ministries: Men of Faith, Daughters of Zion, Synergy, and Wisdom Fellowhip, exist to cater to the needs of members of the church that fall within specific age groups and/or belong to a particular gender. Each ministry works towards the spiritual enrichment of their members, as well as incorporate activities and events that foster interpersonal relationships and a family-oriented culture. The leader of each ministry reports directly to the Coordinator of Ministries, who reports directly to the Pastor. Learn more

Special Teams

Teams consisting of a group of people that offer unique service to the Pastor of the church. This could be special needs unique to the pastor and the church such as issues of strategic management, project planning and execution, clergy protocol, etc.
The special teams are overseen by the Coordinator of Special Projects/Teams, who reports directly to the pastor. Learn more

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