The Land

Our building effort kicked off on May 3, 2003, with a Fundraising Dinner where over $50,000 was pledged. To date, we have redeemed far beyond the initial pledges through continuing contributions. In June 2003, we identified a 4.5 acre piece of land in the Halethorpe/ Arbutus area and immediately commenced negotiations with the landowners with a view to approaching our bankers for funding. A contract with the landowners was soon signed by the Pastor, representing House of Glory.

The landowners ratified the Contract Proposal for the final time end of July, 2003 making way for a 60-day feasibility study period for contaminants and other hazards to be identified and another 45 days for bank discussions. We closed on the land on November 6, 2003. The 4.5 acre land under discussion is a developer’s dream, with direct access to public water and sewage lines. It is nestled at the intersection of Benson Avenue and Sulphur Spring Road and bounded on the third side by Old Sulphur Spring Road. The property is accessible from these roads and is surrounded from all contiguous sides by the County Library, US Postal Services buildings and residential homes. All of these making it a high value plot of land.

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