Glory Voices

“The Glory Voices” (GV) is the core worship group that is responsible for for providing praise and worship in House of Glory. The glory voices is made up of vocalists and instrumentalist, gentlemen and ladies from their teens and upwards, all performing their services to the church purely on a volunteer basis.

GV as a group, actively participates in all major church activities and the members are one  of the strongest members in terms of discipline, participation and service, sacrifice, punctuality, availability and leadership.

When we Pray

Most gathering of GV begins with prayer and ends with prayer.

As a group, the Glory Voices prays together every Saturday. GV prays for the group and the work that they do, as well as interceding for various aspects and issues that concern the church and the church family.

On Sundays, GV prays before going up to minister and usher the church into the presence of God — asking that God takes total control of worship experience.

Leadership Training

It is a department mandate that members of GV participate in select leadership training during the year. This includes: Zonal Workers’ Conferences, Redeemer Leadership Institute (RLI) training, etc.

Glory Voices

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