Counseling (Pastoral)

The counseling department within HOG is handled by the pastor’s office. It deals with the assistance in the resolution of personal difficulties, and giving advice as to a decision or course of action – all based on bible-based principles.


Administration department is responsible for the day-to-day running of the church and works with the Pastor and Finance department.


Finance department is responsible for accounting matters such as counting monetary proceeds from church services. These proceeds include tithes, offering, building fund, and pledges. The Finance department prepares weekly contributions report of all incoming proceeds for the pastor and also prepares quarterly and annual financial reports.

Hospitality & Welfare

The Hospitality & Welfare department is concerned with happiness, well-being and support of individuals within the church. This department is also responsible for Pastoral care. The department helps to coordinate hospitality events that require dining/culinary services, works with the different ministries to ensure that people are adequately assisted as needed (from a hospitality perspective), coordinates the events of Pastor’s Appreciation Month, and strives to promote welfare activities within the church where feasible.


Serves as the main channel for everything related to worship via various forms of musical rendition within the church. The department is responsible for growing the music ministry of HOG so that it can be an effective force when it comes to offering praise and worship through song and music ministrations.
Part of the vision of the Worship department is to be an example to the congregation of what effective worship is. Learn more.

Prayer & Outreach

The Prayer & Outreach department is responsible for all prayer activities, as well as outreach and evangelism initiatives.

  • Prayer

    Keeping the “fire on the alter” burning in the church, and standing in the gap for congregation. The prayer department will conduct and participate in prayers of intercession, adoration, thanksgiving, forgiveness, and petition, lifting up the church and the individual members.

  • Outreach and Evangelism

    Organizes creative ways to promote and advertise the church, reach out to people in the community, evangelize, and create an awareness of House of Glory and what we have to offer to the general public.

Technical & Multimedia

The Technical department is responsible for managing the sound, multimedia, and audio/visual needs and capabilities of House of Glory. The department’s tasks also include creating and maintaining an inventory of CDs, DVDs, and all related hardware and software components.

Temple Keepers

These are a pool of individuals that are committed to make themselves available over the weekend to clean the church and ensure that it continues to stay presentable to the congregation. Church upkeep includes keeping the sanctuary, offices, rooms, bathrooms, etc. clean.


Ushers in HOG are responsible for welcoming, and escorting visitors from the foyer into their seats in the church. As a result, they are the first impression of the church when visitors come in. They are also on hand to direct and guide audience members in case of any in-building procedures that may need to be organized in a safe and efficient manner such as prophetic ministrations and laying of hands.

  • Follow-up

    New visitor follow-up is a big segment of the department’s responsibilities. They foster the initial connection between visitors and the Church and keep in touch with visitors until they become repeat congregants.

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